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Machu Picchu in the clouds

Every trip is a challenge

Safe in Perรบ makes travelling in Peru comfortabel and easy and organises your travel as you wish according to your budget.
Without compromise we will make you an attractive price included transfers, internal flights, buses, accommodation with breakfast and excursions.

  •  Transfers: transfers from airport to hotel, from bus terminal to hotel, wherever you arrive someone will be waiting for you.
  •  Flights: you are flying between major cities to gain time or to avoid long bus journeys.
    You will receive your flight tickets at the start of your trip.
  •  Bus travel: it is possible to travel between cities by luxury bus.
    You will also receive your bustickets at the start of your trip. Your seats are reserved.
  •  Hotels: hotels are clean and safe.
    We know their staff is able to help you.
  •  Excursions: always taken with touroperators who have built up a reputation with us.
    They are reliable and their services are excellent.


Een maand Peru en zoveel mogelijk zien en ontdekken was het uitgangspunt van onze bijzondere reis. We wilden naar het uiterste zuiden en naar de jungle in het noorden, we wilden de witte toppen van de Cordillera Blanca overwinnen en natuurlijk zoveel mogelijk opsnuiven van de verschillende culturen. We puzzelden er op los om een perfect aaneensluitend reisschema te maken

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